Ambakiti® Bajo Quinto Fino Palo Escrito Ivory With Micas Perla With Hard Case and EMG PickUp


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With different options…

  • With EMG PickUps ( Ivory – Black – White – Red )
  • With EMG PickUps ( Gold Chrome – Silver Chrome – Red Chrome – Bandera )

This Bajo Quinto Includes:

  • 1 Ambakiti Case
  • 1 Set Of Apex Strings
  • 1 EMG PickUp
  • 1 Ambakiti KeyChain

All Our Bajo Quintos Are Ship with A signature Confirmation With Insurance.

Sorry We Can’t Ship To P.O Box…

  •  Color: B-12 Ivory With Micas Perla
  • Brazo/Neck: Cedra Rojo Mexicano
  • Tapa: Pinabete Canadiense
  • Body Type: Palo Escrito
  • Barilla Ajustable: Doble Accion
  • Optional Pickups: EMG Value $159 – $229
  • Cuerdas:1 Set Stainless Steel Apex Strings And 1 Set Cometa Strings a Value $65 For Both Sets
  • Terminado: Alto Brillo
  • Hard Case: High Quality Made Of Wood with Vinyl lined ,Interior fur a Value $139
E1. Bone/Brown (interior) Beige Fur
E2. Royal Blue (interior) Beige Fur
E4 Dark Brown (interior) Dark Beige Fur
E5 Wrinkle Brown (interior) Black
E6 Brown Chess (interior) Black
E8 Black Chess (interior) Black                                      
E9 Wrinkle Charcoal Grey (interior) Black
E11 Crocodrile Brown (interior) Beige Fur
E13 Rust Royal Blue (interior) Black
E15 Rust Medium Brown (interior) Beige Fur

Hechas a Mano y con Todo el Corazón Por Artesanos Mexicanos Desde Paracho, Michoacán, México Orgullosamente. PARA VER VIDEOS EN YOUTUBE Oprima Aqui


Additional information

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 48 × 22 × 7 in

Bandera, Ivory, Black, White, Red, Gold Chrome, Red Chrome, Silver Chrome:


E1. Bone/Brown (interior) Beige Fur, E2. Royal Blue (interior) Beige Fur, E5 Wrinkle Brown (interior) Black, E6 Brown Chess (interior) Black E15 Rust Medium Brown (interior) Beige Fur

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